i dont know how this hasn’t been spread like wildfire but matt stone (kind of) confirmed kyman as canon what th e actual fuck

Interviewer: ”A lot of South Park viewers, myself included, can really respect the feud between Kyle and Cartman. It must be really fun writing them; can you tell me a little more about that?”

Matt: [Matt laughs.] “I wouldn’t really call it a rivalry so much as a secret romance. I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding, please don’t tell anyone I said that! But you’re right about that last bit, their antics are a lot of fun to come up with.”

He confirmed, but in the next second remembered the fangirls

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why you shouldn't play one man hide and seek →


tw: occult, death mention, sanity, spirits, blood, etc

halloween is near and.. the one man hide and seek is coming back..
so i guess i list warnings why you shouldn’t do it.


  • it is incredibly dangerous. you probably already know this but it is one of the most dangerous rituals out there. if you are not careful you WILL get killed and even after the ritual ends, there is absolutely no guaranteeing your safety. there have been stories told of people doing this ritual, and only a few people have done it correctly so nothing too bad happened to them. even after the ritual ends, it’s likely that spirits will still wander around your house and worse things will happen.
  • possession. if the spirit finds you, and you don’t have salt water, then you will get possessed and horrible things will happen. this could possibly harm your family, or even your friends which is not good at all.
  • this is real life necromancy. everything you do to the doll is witchcraft and will bring you to hell. the rice attracts spirits, the red you sew it with is blood vessels, etc. it’s not good at all.
  • your sanity. if you do survive this ritual, then it is likely that you will suffer mentally from this as well. not only is this incredibly scary it could damage you so much mentally. you could see shadowy figures, feel as if something is watching you or possibly even worse things because of this game.
  • death. if the spirit finds you, you’re dead. so many people have died because of this game and vengeful spirits. this game is literally summoning the dead into a doll and angering them. imagine if your family found you, and you were dead. it wouldn’t be a very good sight for them.
  • and i’ve already said this, but even after the ritual ends there is no guarantee that they will leave you alone so suddenly. they may haunt your house, or even anyone who participated in the ritual.
  • curses. i’ve already said this, but you will be cursed if you don’t have salt water and don’t do it right either.

some points have been repeated but DO NOT TRY this ritual.

  • if you are going to do this ritual regardless anyway(i’m not going to list the steps here as i will not be responsible for what happens if you try it) but DO NOT use sharp objects like scissors when angering the doll. use an object like a pencil because if they do find you, they will attack you with what you angered them with.
  • DO NOT use blood when you need to put something in the doll to bind you to them. use fingernail clippings instead.
  • END the ritual if you do not have salt. salt is protection from the evil spirits and even if you still have this, there is no guarantee for your safety. and if you ever feel like this is too much, i recommend ending the ritual as well.
  • also, i’d recommend doing this with a friend if you’re going to do this at all. if you do it alone then it’s likely you may have a panic attack or such which is absolutely not good at all. 

these are some warnings on why not to do this game at all and some various safety things that are not mentioned in other articles but please don’t try this ritual at all. spirits are not to be played with; they are misery, death, and curses. please don’t try this ritual at all. it’s really intriguing to read about but please, please, please don’t try this at all.

still don’t believe me that it’s dangerous? read/watch these.